Random Thoughts

A variety of apparel and gift items featuring things overheard, memories from our dreams and random thoughts. Our CafePress Shop offers a large variety of apparel and gift items. Most merchandise and apparel is produced and shipped from their facility in Kentucky.

All images below are from our main CafePress Shop – we have additional designs with more snark, aimed at politically active queer folk in another shop.

BTDT Implants BTDT Scars BTDT Straight Jacket BTDT Restraining Order Cogito ergo Blog C.e.B. Gifts Fear Not Fear Not Gifts Can't Talk Sane Dills My Pickle Got It Together Grammar Lesson Heat in Bedroom Love Humanity Love Humanity Lovely Day 2 Skip Meds Marriage Equality Made In Canada My Mind Wandered No Selfie Control No Selfie Control No Selfie Control Trickle Down Apparel Trickle Down Merchandise DnR Papal Entourage

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