Personalize Our Designs

Four Easy Steps to Personalized Mugs and Other Merchandise by The Digital Gryphon:

  • Design your item(s) with the options/ selections below;
  • E-mail your design options to our special Customization Email Box;
  • We will prepare & upload production files to CafePress
    or NuVanGo and then send you a link to your Personalized Products;
  • Log in to place your order.

  • 1. Choose image(s) from selections on the following pages:
    Roses Images;
    Other Florals;
    Dragons & Gryphons.

    See also our Fine Art Photography.

    Our designs wrap around mugs and the Stein- tell us if you want an image on one side of the text, or both. We will ‘flip’ each image to face towards the text in the middle unless you say otherwise.

    2. Specify message:
    The exact number of letters available varies. It depends on which image(s) you select, as well as typestyle and size and style of mug. As shown above, we can fit one large line of type or up to three lines.

    3. Specify Font Style and desired colour
    (we will match colours as best we can within production capabilities)

    FT1 Sans Serif Font

    FT2 Cursive Script

    FT3 Times Roman

    FT4 Casual Script

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much do these items cost?
    Each item is available for a few dollars more than our standard selection of mugs and bowls. Pricing varies by size and style.

    How long does it take to get?
    Personalization adds only a few days to the process; exact production and delivery times depend on which Production Partner is used, the delivery service selected, and location.

    Can anyone else purchase my design?
    Someone else might specify the same image(s) and message. The fee for having exclusive use of any of our images is substantial; please Contact Us for further information.

    Can you match a colour or typestyle?
    We will do our best with our standard selection; for a more precise match or to use a non-standard image, see the next question.

    Can I get a more customized item?
    Yes; customized items are available; pricing will vary depending on the work required in making Production Files; please Contact Us for further information.

    Who is your Production Partner?
    Our primary Partner is CafePress; CP ships most orders from their facility in Louisville KY.

    Is there a warranty?
    Yes CafePress offers a 30 day money-back guarantee on their merchandise. We have ordered merchandise from them and are quite pleased with the quality of the product.

    What products are available?
    For our personalization services, CafePress offers an incredible (and ever-growing) range of products. Our most popular categories:
    * drinkware and kitchen gifts from mugs to serving trays;
    * bags, totes and wallets;
    The above sections include example images; we also have a more comprehensive list of items shown as blank products.
    We also use NuVanGo as a Production Partner for Throw Pillows, All-Over Shirts and a huge assortment of eGadget skins and covers; a few are illustrated with rosa ‘Proud Mary’. Based in our home town of Toronto ON, they are fully-equipped to produce and ship orders to the USA as well.

    What image(s) should I select?
    We’d like to think that any of our images would be good- but a few possible ideas:
    * the person’s favourite rose or flower,
    * the person’s namesake: we have a Lynn, Elizabeth, Betty, Cynthia, Diana, Gracie, George, Iris, Lily, etc.
    * one named for someone they admire: Rosalynn, Reba, Rosie, Diana, Mr. Lincoln, etc.
    * one that reflects their personality, style or interests: All That Jazz, Brass Band, Chuckles, Nearly Wild, Peace, Touch of Class, etc.

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