December Rose

“Why roses?” you might ask. I could talk about their near-universal symbolism or ruminate on how artificial modern hybrid roses are; genetically-altered mutants bred for human pleasure regardless of the impact on Mother Nature. The symbolism that flowers die, set seed (unless sterile) and are born anew next Spring. How some of these images do contain both new buds and dead blooms. The truth is that I did not select roses so much as they chose me. I was at the Whetstone Park of Roses just to take a few images to ‘close the file’ on the 2010 season when I knew that I had to do this volume.

Selected images are available as true photographic prints up to 16″x20″ from our ZenFolio gallery. 90% of net proceeds from the sale of these prints is donated to Amfar.

A small number of images are available as Notecards and Journals at Cafepress. 90% of net proceeds from the sale of these items is also donated to Amfar.

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