About The Digital Gryphon LLC

The Digital Gryphon helps those who want to save and share their personal stories and their artistic creations by editing, designing and publishing that material.

The Digital Gryphon LLC is both a new beginning, and a continuation. We started providing photography, graphic design and consulting services in Toronto in the 1980’s. Over the years we’ve had a few business names, but our dedication to Customer Service and high-quality results has never wavered. Please contact us with any questions.

Our divisions include:
Digital Gryphon Design
Digital Gryphon Photography
Digital Gryphon Publishing
Rainbow Memoirs: Personal Historian Services

Community Activity

Brian has been active in community organizations in whichever city he resides.
Please note that Brian has ceased working with any animal welfare organization as of 2014.
In addition to being a long-time volunteer at Cat Welfare Association (a ‘no kill’ shelter in Columbus) and adoptive parent of three CWA alumni, he used his photography and marketing skills to raise funds for the care of long-term Shelter residents.

Brian provided professional pet portraits to assist Columbus Cocker Rescue place rescued pups into their furever homes. Selected CCR images were offered as a fundraiser at Brian’s (former) on-line gallery. His third animal rescue project included raising funds for Ohio House Rabbit Rescue. He offered mini-sessions at each of the first four annual Midwest Bunfest events.

Brian is Past-President and former WebMaster for Animal Outreach Inc. The mission of Animal Outreach was “to help end pet overpopulation in Ohio by encouraging responsible pet ownership, promoting spay/neuter programs and uniting the efforts of rescue groups, animal control agencies, shelters, veterinarians and other concerned individuals.”
portraitBrian’s Biography
Brian Gryphon has been producing photographic images for well over 30 years. His first assignment was for his high school yearbook. He offers commercial photographic services, as well as offering photographic prints on retail and wholesale basis.

He brings three decades of experience in commercial and retail sales, marketing, management, and systems. He has direct business experience in photography, writing, and commercial art + design; as well as college training in business techniques, programming and applied arts.

His portfolio of images available as limited edition and open edition photographic prints, as well as selected merchandise includes flowers (florals), animals, city scenes and nature images.

Brian is a published author, poet and photographer. He started playing with computers by programming basic for an IBM-5150 and continues to design and operate a number of web-sites; business and personal. He can be found Tweeting as well as on-line on various forums and Instant Message services. Or else he may be at the world-famous Whetstone Park of Roses or a local ‘no-kill‘ rescue shelter.

Brian’s Resume as a .pdf

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