Book Design & Layout Services

We work with a small number of production partners we trust to produce books and calendars featuring our own work; we know they will do your work proud.


We are proud to be a member of The Blurb Dream Team.

Highlights from each of our Divisions

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Photography Division

  • Our Peppers Project- photographs taken as part of a study of colours, shapes and shadows. Some images have been further processed to illustrate various digital art effects. [...]
  • Frame-able Prints Due to a variety of factors, I will be closing my Photographic Art Prints shop at Zenfolio on November 23, 2015 and the Prints & Merchandise Shop at [...]
  • Apparel and Fabric Selected images are available on various apparel at CafePress. We also offer designs on as fabric, wallpaper and premium gift wrap made-to-order at [...]

Publishing Division

  • Moving On: Poetic Prose by Jason Beilchick Growing up gay in rural Pennsylvania, jason adopted a ‘Goth’ appearance to survive high school. Mourning the loss of [...]
  • Echoes of My Lips by Michael Harding A collection of poetry and poetic prose composed during the 1970s when the author was in his 20s. It is a reflection of the times, while [...]
  • “Why roses?” you might ask. I could talk about their near-universal symbolism or ruminate on how artificial modern hybrid roses are; genetically-altered mutants [...]

Design Division

  • A variety of apparel and gift items featuring things overheard, memories from our dreams and random thoughts. Our CafePress Shop offers a large variety of apparel and gift [...]
  • Great Ideas for Custom Gifts Not All Designs or Images Available on All Styles – Size of Available Print Area Varies by Product Products are Offered by our Production [...]
  • Just published- a series of digital art posters representing my head-space as I prepare to undergo hypnosis to recover blocked childhood memories. Now available as frame-able [...]